The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) is the leading association for the oil and gas industry in Indonesia and is at the forefront of many industry initiatives to collaborate with government to improve the Indonesian business environment, attract investment and develop the industry for the bnenefit of all stakeholders. The Association runs the Convention and Exhibition each year, which is the largest oil and gas event of its kind in South-East Asia and includes a range of current topics to familiarize industry professionals with the latest developments in an industry that is constantly innovating and evolving to address technical, operational, corporate and government needs  along with other critical issues. The oil and gas community and its supporting industries attend the Convention and Exhibition to gather, discuss current developments, view new technology and services and network amongst industry professionals.

Sponsors accrue several benefits through this strategic investment:

  1. Maximizing exposure at a premier convention and exhibition devoted to those involved in the professional oil and gas industry‚ÄĒexposure to more than 20,000 visitors and more than 160 companies and senior decision-makers.
  2. Increased marketing opportunities including visibility on the official website, mobile application and associated marketing materials.
  3. An effective way to reinforce your organization's brand and build brand awareness, enhancing the visibility and reputation of your organization within the oil and gas industry.
  4. Gaining access to a broad network of industry partners from government departments and the private sector.
  5. Building and reinforcing strategic relationships within the professional oil and gas industry. Networking opportunities with industry colleagues and key decision makers.

For further information about sponsoring The IPA Convention and Exhibition 2017, please contact: